• Blue Nitrile Disposable Powder Free Gloves - 3.5 Mil - Size: Small - 10000 Pieces = 100 Boxes


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Disposable Gloves are a common adequacy in today’s workplace environments

Excellent for preventing the spread of germs in prep cooking, terrific for cleaning when using strong chemicals such as ammonia and bleach, and perfect for painting and avoiding splinters when handling wood

Factors such as allergic reactions, puncture resistance, and glove thickness, will persuade users to align themselves up with the most directly beneficial individualistic choice. /p p Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves are made from the synthetic polymer material which is competent for many purposes

In addition, users are safeguarded against latex associated allergic reactions, while its durable traits ensure performance integrity for a host of dynamic applications

In contrast to Latex gloves, these gloves offer premium pressure and chemical resistant qualities

Nitrile Gloves are able to pass both USDA and FDA specifications

Nitrile Gloves, which are made from synthetic latex materials, are opportune for people that are allergic to the protein elements contained in Latex Gloves

Other positive factors about Nitrile Gloves are the protective restraints to solvents, oils, and even some forms of acid

Sufficient in numerous circumstances, these gloves are exceedingly important and significantly preventive against various types of skin hazards and hand injuries

The versatile nature of this glove is arguably the strongest when measured for puncture and tear resistance, and convenient to put on due to its low resistance to friction. /p p So no matter what field or need you have, Disposable Gloves is a resourceful solution

There are pros and cons in deciding the kind of glove that will be most suitable for your needs

These gloves are ideal for woodwork, lab research, painting and cooking. /p p These gloves are essential for usage in various industries such as food, medical, mechanical, construction, janitorial, and cosmetic arts

With latex allergies on the rise, both Blue and Black Nitrile will serve well as a protective source against skin rashes, and nasal/eye sinus that Latex Gloves may cause. /p

Your personal preference for the appropriate style of gloves you desire depends on the nature in which you choose to use them for