• Gf Piping Systems 3-2551-V1-42, 159001282 Type 2551 Magmeter


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GF Piping Systems, 3-2551-V0-42, 159001282 Type 2551 Magmeter, Display Version No Relays, PVDF, Hastelloy C, 0.5" to 4", 4 to 20 mA Output The Signet 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style magnetic flow sensor that Features

Features with all optional accessories Accurate measurement even in dirty liquids Multi-language display menu available No moving parts Empty pipe detection Operating rate range 0.05 to 10 m/s 0.15 to 33 ft/s Application Chemical Processing Landfill Leachate Commercial Pools, Spas and Aquariums Water and Wastewater Monitoring Metal Recovery HVAC Scrubber Control Industrial Water Distribution

The patented sensor design is available in corrosion-resistant materials to provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance costs

Utilising the comprehensive line of Signet installation fittings, sensor alignment and insertion depth is automatic