• Addon 1,000Ft Cat6A Stp 24Awg Solid Plenum Red Patch Cable - 100% Application Tested And Guaranteed To Work


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This is a 1000ft non-terminated red shielded twisted pair plenum-rated copper patch cable

A shielded twisted pair patch cable offer both a higher bandwith and a more durable cablestrength than an unsheilded twisted pair cable

Cat6A cable standards provide a performance of up to 500MHz and is suitable for 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T

Our patch cables are 100 compliant for all of your networking needs

Our products are guaranteed by federal law to not affect or void OEM warranties. /p

The Cat6A cable is designed to support the high speed of EoC Ethernet over Copper over the full 100 meters

This plenum-rated cable is the only cable allowed in spaces defined as air plenum-rateds, such as raised flooring systems and air handling ducts

Plenum-rated cables must self-extinguish and prevent re-ignition