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Winters, PFP9655T1, PFP 4" Dial, 0/40,000 PSI/kPa, 1/2" BSP Back Premium SS Liquid Filled Gauge Features: Liquid fi lled stainless steel case protects against vibration and pulsation Bayonet ring Highly accurate Back, bottom, or panel mounted Under and overload stops Ventable plug on 2.5" to 4.5" stainless steel and 4.5" brass bottom mount and 4" stainless steel back mount Stainless steel or brass wetted parts Restrictor screw standard on dual scale (optional on single scale) Dry case available ASME B40.100 compliant (EN837-1 available) CRN registered 5 year warranty Applications: Outdoor and severe ambient and process conditions Use where harmful vibration and pulsation are present Hydraulic equipment, pressure washers, oil fi eld equipment, pumps, compressors and process systems