• Casella Sdb2Plus/08, Dbadge2 Series Personal Noise Dosimeter


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Casella, SdB2Plus/08, dBadge2 Series Noise Dosimeter with Audio Recording Transmit sound level measurements through Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity to increase productivity - no need to stop working to download readings! Dose, status, level alerts and more can be accessed through the free Airwave app and sent directly to your Apple or Android enabled device

Casella dBadge2 noise dosimeter capture every possible noise exposure related parameter in a single measurement run, and make it available for subsequent download and analysis

Email summary data, photographs, and even notes for review or inclusion in reports

Ensure the correct hearing protection is chosen for each application and location

Features Multiple lsquo simulated' dosimeters Simple operation Rugged design Long battery life Full colour display 1 second time history profiling Motion Sensing Pause function Measures all noise dose parameters simultaneously

The LCD displays current noise levels in color-coded format for easy interpretation of alarm conditions at a glance

The measurements taken are in accordance with CFR 1910.95, ISO 9612 2009, and UK Guidance document L108

This single meter does not include a docking station/calibrator, charger, USB cable for direct data transfer to PC, a case to house up to 10 dosimeters, or access to the free Airwave app for your handheld device

Use the preset alarm limits to adhere to OSHA, ISO, MSHA, and ACGIH guidelines, or set your own

DBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter Kits allow remote start, stop, or pause of a measurement run without interrupting the user - ideal for hazardous locations, positions, and field data capture.This item is intended as an add on to a kit