• Hoyt 4132In, Analogue Insulation Tester


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Features: High quality Taut Band movement Three insulation test voltages (DC): 250V, 500V, 1000V Two continuity test on "low ohms": 500Ω and 3Ω Compact and lightweight AC voltmeter with linear scale up to 600 Vac 200 mA short circuit current for continuity 1 mA test current on insulation test at nominal voltage Automatic discharge of capacitive and inductive circuit with charge stored in the circuit under test Live warning and display of external voltage presence Fuse, air gap, crowbar and overload protected On line battery monitoring shows if battery is ok Auto null of the test leads on continuity tests Low battery consumption Mirror scale Push and turn locking switch for continuous and hand free testing Designed for meeting international standards Supplied with high quality test leads BS 16th edition